Pecans are just an excuse

DSC_0325Driving over the Van Reenens pass on the N3 to Sandspruit Farm stall. An array of nuts and dried fruit awaits you. The staff always smiling tells about what is available.

Once the shopping was done and time for a turn around we decided to do a road trip through the Zandrivier Valley. We cross the old steel bridge making a dirt road our friend.

Love to share this recipe

Chocolate Pecan Nut Pie

Crust: use 250g. rich short crust

Filling:   125ml. cocoa power, 5ml vanilla essence, 300g can evaporated milk, 375ml caramel brown sugar, 3 extra large eggs, 60g butter melted, 250ml of pecan nuts.

  1. Crust: Prepare the pastry and roll it out to a thickness of 3mm on a lightly floured surface. Line a greased 24cm diameter loose-base baking pan.
  2. Cover airtight with clingfilm and chill for 1 hour. Pick the base, line with greaseproof paper and fill with dried beans. Bake blind in a preheated oven at 190oC for 10 min. Remove paper and beans and bake for a further 5 min until the pasty is golden brown. Reduce oven temperature to 180oC.
  3. Filling: Mix all the ingredients, except the pecan nuts, and spoon into the prepared crust. Arrange the nuts.
  4. Bake for about 55 min or until the filling is cooked and set. Leave to cool and serve luke warm or cold with cream or ice-cream on top.


A low water bridge crossing the Sand River 
A bald ibis in the river bed 
Piolons and fodder bales 


Beautiful animals grazing 
St Joseph church with its twin bell towers. 


Around the missionary the surrounding wall is stone packed.
Always a surprise when a sparkle of red

Thank you for spending time with us on our road trip.

You can read more about a trip via the Sand River Valley to Bluebank

Till next time

Hennie and Sandra

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